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Meisch Made is a Los Angeles based furniture company designing and handcrafting pieces to last for generations. We focus on custom furniture made with as much recycled material, salvaged slabs, or reclaimed lumber as possible. When we can't find salvaged material, we source sustainably harvested lumber from local suppliers. By working with responsible mills and local arborists that specialize in salvaging diseased or felled trees, we can offer our clients the most characteristic wood with the least environmental impact. Ranging from one-of-kind live edge slabs, desks, coffee tables, cabinetry and home decor, Meisch Made offers a wide variety of high quality home furnishings. Every piece is made by hand with quality in mind, no exceptions.

Founded by designer and California native Riley Meisch, each piece is thoughtfully inspired by older tradition, but designed in a contemporary aesthetic and passionately handcrafted. Riley's fascination with woodworking developed from an early age while helping his father build custom homes in the small town of Ojai, CA. With the exception of some basic carpentry skills, Riley is entirely self-taught in woodworking.

"I was always completely obsessed with design and creation. Everything in our lives was designed by someone; someone thoughtful enough to solve our everyday problems and shape our world with their own unique ideas and style. With furniture, I explore the balance of form and function, designing pieces that solve problems, look beautiful, and age gracefully. I hope to change what people think of as "quality" and lead them into supporting more craftsmen and women that make things by hand with passion. Because that’s what makes a good product; the love and passion of creation.”

Looking for custom furniture?

We offer custom woodwork and furniture for any home, office, or business need. We offer delivery and installations locally in LA, and can ship anywhere in the world. Consultations are always free. We begin every project with a conversation and we take it from there. Concept, materials, computer design work, construction and delivery. Please see our page, custom, for more info.




Michael Marchand | Walnut Stools

"Had an absolutely fabulous experience using this vendor. I commissioned two bar stools, which came out absolutely beautiful. My brother saw the stools and was so impressed that he then commissioned a standing mirror. I could not be happier with the quality of work and customer service."

James Vitalo | Pallet Desk

"Meisch Made delivered exactly what I was looking for. High quality, affordable wood work that I have used happily over the last year with no issues. Meisch Made will definitely be getting all of my woodworking business moving forward."


Aaron Elliot | Custom Serving Board

I needed a serving board for a dinner party and hit up Meisch Made for a rushed order.... Two days later and i had an amazing piece. Very affordable. Thank you Meisch Made!!

Davey Havok | Charred Oak Mirror

"Riley is a true artist. His passion for his craft comes through in its beauty and thoughtful perfection. Open to collaboration he is a joy to work with. I cannot wait to have more pieces made to add to my early originals."

Dylan Karzen | Live Edge Pine Coffee Table

"We had such a great experience. Riley was awesome about helping us find exactly what we were looking for.

The table/bench was beautiful, and really high quality work. So happy to have this piece of furniture in our home!"

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