Care instructions

For all Meisch Made Furniture, protection from heat and moisture is crucial to the longevity of the piece.  To help prevent scratches, water circles, or heat damage, use adhesive felt pads, coasters, placemats, and avoid sliding objects across the surface of the piece when possible.

For a list of recommended products see this page

Raw Steel Surfaces:
If your piece has uncoated steel, it has been treated with furniture wax to prevent rust. It is important to continue applying the wax every 3-6 months to avoid rusting.

Wood Surfaces:

Do not use cleaning products containing ammonia, alcohol, bleach or petroleum - instead use a general purpose wood cleaner such as Murphy's oil soap or Eco-me. The more natural the product, the better.

Avoid using furniture polish as over time it can accumulate and leave a residue.

For "Kitchen" items (cutting boards and coasters):
Apply generous amounts of Mineral Oil every few months to keep wood happy. Let the oil soak into the wood for at least 15 minutes and wipe it dry.

Do not soak boards. Hand wash, wipe dry, and apply oil.

Custom + Personalized orders

If you have a custom piece in mind, please contact us.

Please visit the gallery to see other custom pieces we have made.

See our recommended cleaning products here.


Meisch Made offers furniture and decor items in a number of timbers and finishes. We always try to use as much recycled or salvaged material as possible but when we can't we make sure it is sourced sustainably and responsibly. Most often we use domestic hardwoods because they are more sustainable and well-managed than exotics. We will always do our best to source the highest quality wherever possible.

Most of our reclaimed lumber is sourced from Ojai, CA where we have a network of contractors and arborists that salvage wood. Otherwise it is sometimes found in Los Angeles. We have rescued thousnads of board feet of lumber from old warehouses in downtown, as well as many homes in West Hollywood built as early as the 1920's.

Wood Species

We use a variety of wood species depending on availability and budget. Reclaimed lumber ranges from softwoods and hardwoods like Douglas Fir, Redwood, and cedar. We typically use domestic hardwoods like American Oak, Black Walnut, or Cherry because of their availability, and sustainability. These woods are of the highest quality and suitable for furniture building.