Meisch Shop

As a fairly new woodworker I am constantly absorbing as much information as I can with anything woodworking related. One of the most interesting pieces of information for me is the process by which other woodworkers achieve their results. Sharing this process and showing you my methods is a great way to learn and grow as a craftsman. By doing so I also let my audience get an inside look at the work and care that goes into every piece, which is an immense amount that is often overlooked in today's world of big box stores and mass production. This is a labor of love and it is a lot of labor!

My current shop is based in Hollywood, at a once popular nightclub turned storage space for an event production company. Things are always changing, it's a constant work in progress, it leaks when it rains, I hear sirens all day long, the power fluctuates and fails, but it's a great little space that I've made home.

Power tools:

  • 6" Grizzly jointer
  • Ryobi bench top drill press
  • Craftsman standing drill press
  • Craftsman 12" bandsaw
  • Craftsman 10" table saw
  • Craftsman 12" lunchbox planer
  • Dewalt compound miter saw

The Craftsman tools were inherited from my Godfather who passed away several years ago. It feels truly amazing to bring the life back into those old rusty tools and to be using them everyday just like he was.

I've also got my hands on some awesome old hand planes from my father's antique tool cabinet. I've really taking a liking to the traditional side of woodworking. I tuned these up and use them daily.

Hand tools:

  • Stanley Bailey no. 5-1/2
  • Stanley Bailey No. 4 Smoothing Plane
  • Stanley Low Angle Block Plane
  • Craftsman Low Angle Block Planes
  • Stanley No. 78 Bullnose Rabbet Plane