Meisch Shop 2

Had a lot on renovations in the shop this past month so I thought I'd share the progress. Dust was becoming a big issue for the owner of the space (I was covering all his stuff in dust) so he asked me to put up a wall to separate the space. By some crazy luck, I had just taken down a wall for Idea Farmer and built them a new kitchen studio so I took all the old studs and drywall from that wall and put it up in my shop. Cost me almost nothing and I saved some materials from being trash just yet.

I also invested in a dust collector and wanted to incorporate that into my shop during the renovation. So with the wall up I lost quite a bit of space but gained a lot of light reflecting of the wall, and I could also mount things to the newly built wall which was a nice change.

About a week later I had the wall up and painted, the terribly disgusting carpet torn out, the dust collection system built, everything rearranged, and the shop looked a little bit more professional. Finally getting some stuff done efficiently and it feels great.