Headboard Ikea Hack

Finally upgraded my old bed from a futon to a full size frame. Found an ad on Craigslist for the Ikea Tarva bed frame + mattress which I like because of it's low profile and it's made from solid wood. I had an idea for the headboard so I threw some old palette planks over the existing Ikea one. Simple and easy with only a few tools. I found the palettes on my drive back from a work event in Austin, Texas.

I spotted this old factory on the side of the I-10 and found some really awesome looking palettes. Some of these were hardwood, mostly oak which is nice. I threw as many as I could in the truck and drove them back to LA. After some extensive cleaning and checking for chemicals, these were ready for use. After cutting the boards from the palette I saved the nails because I thought they looked awesome and returned them to their original holes with super glue. The boards are attached with brad nails.

To make the headboard:

  1. I cut the pieces, some short and some long, taking care to save the patina on the ends.
  2. Working from the bottom up, and side to side, I attach the pieces using a brad nailer. (Some areas needed backing because of the way the headboard is made so attach backing where necessary.)
  3. For the final pieces, I ripped on a table saw for the proper height.